2016 Top Funding!
#1 Inventory / Trade Show Purchases
#2 Remodel and Renovate
Looking for an alternative to bank loan?
$8,000 to $500,000?
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Same Day Funding

After we receive your paperwork, we “verify your documents”, then we fund you as quick as same day.


Will consider on a Case-by-case basis: Adult, Drugs, Supplements, Travel, Tickets, Aggregator, Money Services, Airlines, Legal (Attorneys, Bail, PI),  Home Based Businesses, Investment,  Mattress, and Pawn


We aren’t going to be able to help anyone on this list.  Collection Agencies, Credit Protection,  Credit Repair, Debt Consolidation Services.  Businesses open less than 6 months and less than $5,000 in monthly sales.


We are easy to work with. We’ll get you a quote in just a few hours. If you like, then we’ll get you funding either that day or the next. Our terms are easy to understand. You’ll get a fixed percentage of daily sales (5-11% range) as your daily payback rate. Payments are only made on banking days, so no payments on the weekends and holidays. The number of days you have a payment are fixed and clear indicated in the paperwork. There are no late fees or penalties.

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Day Care

Problem: Got paid weekly. Clients are often slow at paying. Collection efforts on the clients eliminates children and therefore revenue so a larger cash flow was needed to make payroll and tax payments. Needed $30k to float payroll and tax payments and an additional $19k for kitchen upgrades.

Day Care

Solution:  We funded them with weekly payments to accommodate their deposit cycles.  Client has used us again when they expanded and needed funds to build out a kitchen service to include breakfast and lunch service.  Funded $30k in 3 days.  When asked for the additional money we restructured the debt and gave them an additional $19k in 2 days about 12 weeks later (because that’s when they asked)

Gun Dealer

Problem: Needed $15k cash to purchase inventory at a trade show.

Gun Dealer

Solution:  Funded plenty of cash to cover the cost of inventory, client has used us multiple times for additional inventory needs.  Got $15k in cash in 2 days.  Gets a new funding several times a year for the gun shows.


Problem: Good Cash Flow with a very poor FICO score around 469. Landlord wants a remodel to up their lease again.


Solution:  We were able to fund $19k in 3 days.  His remodel is underway.

Fast Food

Problem: Freezer went out, forcing them to close up shop till repair was completed, per health department.

Fast Food Establishment

Solution:  Funded $20k, owner bought new walk-in freezer and  re-opened the business a couple days later.

Car Dealer

Problem: Cash Flow Problems. Needs $150k Needs to cover payroll, payroll taxes, tax liens, and inventory auction money. Client has Existing MCA’s out with 3 other companies. Company A) $15k, Company B) $70k, and Company C) $48k. Got him $10k in 24 hours, restuctured the loans in to a single loan and funded an existing $39k in 21 days.

Car Dealer


Solution:  We were able to provide $39k immediately in the 4th position and consolidate all the others so we can move to the 1st position and fund the remaining capital request after the others were paid off via a 2nd position funding from us that consolidated everything and freed up additional revenue for immediate use.

Your Business Can

use the money for the following purposes

Acceptable Uses

Inventory, Technology Upgrade, Payroll, Equipment, Expansion, Marketing, Taxes, Renovation, Staffing and Consolidation